18 Oktober 2019

Crypto Finance CEO Leverages Swiss Fintech’s Reputation to Earn Confidence of Asian Institutions and Investors

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As a member of the Swiss National Startup Team for Venture Leaders Fintech 2019, Crypto Finance CEO Jan Brzezek answered questions in the interview below about how we are changing finance, our expansion into south-east Asia and the upcoming Venture Leaders Fintech roadshow in Hong Kong.

Source: Venture Lab | Author: Joseph Heaven

Crypto Finance CEO Leverages Swiss Fintech’s Reputation to Earn Confidence of Asian Institutions and Investors

Zug-based Crypto Finance, parent company to Crypto Fund AG, Switzerland’s first FINMA-regulated asset manager for crypto assets, offers access and professional services for crypto asset market exposure via its asset management, 24/7 brokerage, and crypto storage and infrastructure services. CEO and co-founder Jan Brzezek says the Swiss firm’s strong reputation and regulation will help it win more clients and investors in Asia during its November roadshow.

How is Crypto Finance changing finance?

The current financial system is slow and expensive due to legacy systems, unrealised automation, and lagging efficiency gains. Blockchain technology will fundamentally change the way we manage, transfer, and store assets. Crypto Finance Group’s platforms run 24/7 and enable traditional institutional investors to participate in this new technology without the need for large, in-house specialist teams. We let financial institutions transform their business models and serves as the backbone for them to compete against rising cost-pressures and finance sector challengers of all kinds – from banks to apps to ideals.

How important is it to be in south-east Asia?

Hong Kong is one of the leading financial hubs with a long-standing reputation. After building our strong client base and reputation in Switzerland and Europe, it’s a natural progression to grow in south-east Asia. We saw significant interest from local financial firms and institutional investors, so decided to establish an office in Hong Kong to be closer with our clients. Asia has experienced the hype and suffered at the hands of several questionable market participants. Our strong reputation and compliance with regulation helps investors act under conditions similar to those in traditional asset classes and with best practices.

What do you hope to achieve from the Venture Leaders Fintech roadshow?

I’ll speak about our services with potential clients, such as financial intermediaries, and also discuss our upcoming funding round with VCs and family offices.


The Venture Leaders Fintech roadshow 2019 to Hong Kong is organized by Venturelab and swissnex China and supported by digitalswitzerland, EPF Lausanne, ETH Zurich, IMMOMIG, PostFinance, Redalpine, Walder Wyss and Canton of Zurich.