20 Juni 2018

Crypto Finance Group celebrates its first birthday

Crypto Finance Web Team

Crypto Finance Team

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I am very pleased to announce that today is the one-year anniversary of the Crypto Finance Group. It was on June 20, 2017 that we first announced ourselves and began on our journey. The past year has been an intense journey, and to be honest, we have been so busy that we almost missed our birthday.

One year ago today, we set out on an adventure to transfer the structures familiar from traditional banking to the young and exciting market of crypto assets. Thanks to our great clients, partners, colleagues, shareholders, and family and friends, we are now celebrating the completion of our first year in business. We have built many great relationships and partnerships, and we are looking forward to strengthening them even further.

We have built an amazing team with a positive entrepreneurial mind-set. It is this mind-set that allows our team to prosper and to take risks; to build a company from scratch, and to do work that has never been done before. Together, we have overcome many obstacles, worked really hard, and launched three separate entities: Crypto Fund AG (Asset Management), Crypto Broker AG (Trading), and Crypto Storage AG (Storage) were built up in laser-like time of just twelve months.

Today, we want to share a bit of perspective on what we have achieved over the last twelve months:

  • The Crypto Finance Group is a Swiss-registered financial group providing clients with full market access within the crypto asset universe. We successfully closed our Seed and series A round financing, and raised more than CHF 18.5m.
  • From idea to full-fledged company, the Crypto Finance Group has grown to include more than 35 highly-qualified internal experts with extensive traditional banking experience in the fields of managing assets, trading and security, as well as 12 external IT developers.
  • Crypto Fund AG and Crypto Broker AG became SRO Members with VQF – to ensure compliance with KYC and AML requirements.
  • Crypto Broker AG maintains partnerships with more than 10 of the global leading exchanges, and covers all the important crypto assets relevant to more than 95% of the global crypto market capitalisation.
  • The number of clients that Crypto Broker AG has onboarded exceeds our expectations. These clients include banks, asset managers, family offices, foundations, ICOs, and institutional investors, and we provide them full access to the world of crypto assets.
  • Crypto Broker AG is capable of managing large trading flows automatically thanks to API-connections to the leading exchanges, OTC desks, and an algo-based automated order management system. The proprietary brokerage platform was built in roughly 8 000 IT development hours together with our external developers, and is setting new standards in both the old and the new world.
  • Crypto Storage AG developed a unique storage solution that sets new standards in terms of security, usability, and the reduction of operational risk.
  • Crypto Storage AG went live in April, and, as of today, enables the storage of 57 cryptocurrencies out of the Top100 by market capitalisation. With this solution we are able to solve one of the last remaining issues in the crypto space: security.
  • Crypto Fund AG received the FINMA distribution license for foreign funds in Switzerland.


Although we have already achieved important milestones, we continue to challenge the status quo. We will also continue to leverage ourselves to drive innovation in an emerging market we profoundly understand and where we can make a significant contribution. Our Group aims to continue leading in the crypto space, while more and more investors and financial services providers are still waking up to the opportunity. We are well prepared to extend our journey by providing access and forging new pathways of navigation. We are looking forward to a tremendous second year in business.

Thanks for helping to make the Crypto Finance Group and the entire Crypto Nation a success!

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Yours sincerely,

Jan Brzezek
CEO & Founder Crypto Finance Group