20 Dezember 2019

Crypto Finance presentation at Tokyo FinTech Meetup

Crypto Finance Team

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Our Head of Asia Alisher Tashpulatov recently presented Crypto Finance at the Tokyo Fintech Meetup. This article is a summary of his presentation, published by Norbert Gehrke on Medium.

Crypto Finance AG — first FINMA-approved crypto asset manager

Alisher Tashpulatov, Head of Asia at Crypto Finance AG, a financial technology holding company founded in June 2017 in Zug, Switzerland, presented at the Tokyo FinTech Meetup on December 12, 2019. Here is a summary of what we learned about the company as they are establishing a presence in Asia.

At the end of 2019, the Crypto Finance AG is well-positioned in the digital, blockchain-based asset space with three major business lines covering products, services and infrastructure:

  • Crypto Fund AG: the first asset manager for crypto assets authorized by the Swiss financial services regulator, FINMA, under the Swiss Collective Investment Scheme Act
  • Crypto Broker AG: provides professional access to the crypto asset market through its industry-leading trading infrasctructure
  • Crypto Storage AG: provides leading edge infrastructure solutions and services to securely store blockchain-based assets

Crypto Fund AG
Crypto Fund AG offers passive and active investment vehicles available for institutional and qualified investors.

  • The passive vehicles track the performance of the Crypto Market Index 10 (the “Index” or the “CMI10”), which is calculated and maintained by the Swiss exchange, SIX. In line with the Index, the Funds are rebalanced quarterly and contain up to 10 crypto assets based on a rulebook process available online at SIX. The assets are weighted according to their market capitalization.
  • The active Fund pursues a systematic, quantitative approach based on market prices of crypto assets. Investment decisions are made by means of generic, algorithmic filter analysis, which reduces the volatility of daily prices. The trend-following strategies are stabilized by further quantitative methods. The model includes a variety of different technical methods, such as trend following and mean reversion.

Crypto Broker AG
Crypto Broker AG offers qualified and institutional investors professional access to the crypto asset market. Crypto assets can be stored securely with Crypto Broker AG, or sent immediately to the client’s wallet of choice.

  • Agency Trading: Transparent, algorithmic best execution through a variety of liquidity providers allows Crypto Broker to execute orders of all sizes in all market conditions; client orders can be placed via approved communication channels or by phone.
  • Principal Trading: Trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Crypto Broker’s proprietary online trading platform CAT (Crypto Asset Trader) or get all trading functionalities via the API connection Crypto Broker offers streaming price and RFQ (request for quote) trading.
  • Compliance Services: Crypto Broker offers clients compliance and advisory services as well as training in crypto assets.

Crypto Storage AG
Crypto Storage AG allows for highly configurable access to crypto assets with institutional-grade access control rules. The private keys never leave the hardware security module (HSM) and the HSMs’ right to sign a transaction is determined through approval by a configurable quorum within an institution and executed on tamper-proof approval terminals.

The Hardware Security Module (HSM), the tamper-proof signing devices, as well as the tailored software solution are all developed by leading Swiss providers with extensive experience in finance and IT security.

Crypto Storage AG supports 59 of the top 100 crypto assets based on market capitalisation, eg. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Ether, Ether Classic, Feathercoin, Stellar, and all ERC 20 tokens.