15 April 2021

Crypto Finance reaches over 2.1 billion USD in digital assets in client infrastructure, trading, and investment in Q1 2021

Yara Ainsworth

Yara Ainsworth

Head of Marketing und Communications bei Crypto Finance AG

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Crypto Finance Group reaches over 2.1 billion USD in digital assets for client infrastructure, trading, and investment in Q1 2021


Crypto Finance Group operations has accelerated in the first quarter of 2021, with 1.1 billion USD in digital assets handled on our clients’ crypto storage infrastructure and over 1 billion USD in digital assets traded by our brokerage.

This Q1 development skyrockets past our 2020 full-year figures, with 1 billion USD in assets traded, and strong development in assets under management for our award winning FINMA-regulated asset management.

It also represents the digital asset performaance that our clients are experiencing, lead by bitcoin, but including other altcoins. For insights, we recommend subscribing to our market analysis, at the bottom of this page.

Where is the business growth coming from?

This growth is coming from 4 key developments across the Crypto Finance business:

  • New clients getting into crypto asset markets for the first time as bitcoin, ethereum, and DeFi tokens experience strong price developments. With liquidity and capability across the top 100 crypto assets, a diverse group of clients looks to us for services.
  • New clients with crypto asset exposure, who are moving to work with the Crypto Finance Group to benefit from our unparalleled reliability and liquidity, and our full suite of services.
  • Existing clients ramping up their business with Crypto Finance as retail customer demand accelerates.
  • New banking and financial intermediary clients, who choose us as one of the few regulated counterparties providing secure access the crypto asset markets. The catalyst for this: the FINMA securities firm licence that our brokerage received in early February.

Crypto asset adoption accelerates

The growth potential for the sector and for Crypto Finance remains high, as global digital asset market capitalisation grew to 2 trillion USD early in 2021, but it remains a fraction of the value of the established financial sectors.

These operational figures for our Crypto Finance Group business are key early indicators of institutional crypto asset adoption accelerating on two fronts:

  • The next wave: clients of the banks and finance institutions that work with Crypto Finance today represent the next wave of crypto asset investments ahead: this growth is just beginning.
  • Just the beginning of the adoption curve: the finance sector is starting to add crypto assets to their offering now, as the growth with Crypto Finance indicates. The leaders in this adoption, taking advantage of our full suite of regulated, secure crypto asset services, represent just the beginning of the adoption curve.

Find out more about our crypto asset management, 24/7 brokerage, secure storage infrastructure, and asset tokenisation here.