15 November 2018

Crypto Fund AG has entered into a cooperation with Blue Lakes Advisors SA

Yara Ainsworth

Yara Ainsworth

Head of Marketing und Communications bei Crypto Finance AG

Über den Autor

Crypto Fund AG, a subsidiary of Crypto Finance AG and one of the leading crypto asset investment managers for collective investment products, has entered into a cooperation with Blue Lakes Advisors SA.

The crypto asset space is a rapidly evolving landscape, with more than 300 investment funds established, managing upwards of US$ 5 billion. While the regulatory environment and custody aspects of crypto assets continue to progress and market volatility is much discussed, there is a general agreement that crypto and tokenized assets will become an independent asset class and the underlying blockchain technology will be one of the disruptive innovations in the years ahead.

With their key staff’s background in traditional asset management and expertise in crypto assets, Crypto Fund AG is one of the first companies to set up investment fund structures for institutional and professional clients. Storing the assets with a reliable custodian, using a reputable fund administrator, well-known domiciles and jurisdictions when initiating crypto investment products, are all factors paving the way for investments by the less-tech savvy, but forward-thinking investors.

The team of Blue Lakes Advisors will bring a wide range of experience and expertise to the fund selection and distribution activities, as well as advancing the understanding by investors of this emerging field. Mixing and matching traditional and alternative investment modes will be the way that the crypto space will gain increasing acceptance by mainstream investors.

About Blue Lakes Advisors

Blue Lakes Advisors is a Swiss company advising financial institutions in Europe and in the Middle East. Based in Geneva and Lugano, we are a small and proactive advisory boutique, a multiple solutions provider for investments. The combined skills of our advisors represents decades of experience in banks and financial services, including high-level management positions and encompassing a wide range of asset classes. Benefiting from our vast network, we have expertise in structuring financial solutions and adapting them to qualified investors throughout the world.