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Crypto Fund AG offers investors direct, convenient and transparent exposure to the emerging crypto asset class. The products provided by Crypto Fund AG have several unique advantages such as using reputable and regulated service providers, crypto asset custody with European regulated banks and Crypto Fund AG’s status as the first, and only, FINMA regulated asset manager in Switzerland for crypto asset funds.


The crypto asset market saw its first major influx of investment followed by the recent period of substantial interest in the technology. The retail market took notice of the emerging crypto space in 2017 and early 2018 – now this significant investment is being harvested to develop the innovative and disruptive technologies. The opportunity to invest in the crypto asset market is ideal at these current price levels ahead of the expected technological breakthroughs, which are expected to propel the market.


The broad crypto asset market exhibits low correlations with traditional asset classes. The addition of this investment adds diversification and strengthens a portfolio based on the long-term potential of this innovative industry.


The evolution of the crypto industry is generating many profitable opportunities using strategies such as systematic, quantitative approaches, as identified by our portfolio managers.


Easy Access

Add diversification to your investment portfolio by investing in our crypto fund products with ease and transparency.


Fiat Integration

Subscriptions and redemptions can be initiated by an investor’s bank.

Institutional Level Products

Crypto Fund AG offers premier products for institutional investors, compliant with all criteria for professionally managed funds.

Professional Manager

Crypto Fund AG is the first regulated asset manager for crypto assets authorised by FINMA.


Regulated Counterparties

Crypto assets are stored at a regulated bank in Europe, ensuring professional standards of cryptographic and physical security as well as regulatory compliance.

Finance Professionals

The highly skilled and professional team has vast experience across various banking and finance sectors.


Crypto Fund AG takes a traditional investment approach towards a new asset class. The products present an opportunity for investors from the traditional financial services sector to diversify their portfolios by allocating to the crypto asset market via a regulated asset manager.

All of Crypto Fund AG’s products are registered with regulators in their place of domicile, and are distributed only through licensed channels. Funds under management all employ reputable fund administrators, auditors, brokers and custodians. The Funds do not self-custody any crypto assets; all assets are held with regulated third-party custodians.



Crypto Fund AG’s passive investment vehicles track the performance of the Crypto Market Index 10 (the “Index”), which is calculated and maintained by the Swiss company SIX. The objective of the Crypto Market Index 10 is to reliably measure the performance of the largest and most liquid crypto assets and tokens and provide an investable benchmark for this asset class.

In line with the Index, the CMI10 Tracker Funds are rebalanced quarterly and contain up to the ten largest crypto assets. The assets are weighted according to their market capitalization. The Index does not comprise of crypto assets aimed solely at providing anonymous payment services, crypto assets classified as securities, indexed crypto assets and pegged crypto assets. Further, crypto assets which cannot be safely stored in an institutional-grade storage solution are also excluded.

The rulebook of the Crypto Market Index 10 can be found on the SIX website.


Get to know our team of highly experienced professionals. We believe that crypto assets will become an integral part of a balanced financial portfolio. And we are working to make it happen.