02 September 2021

Business Insider: The Head of Trading shares 11 altcoins he’s bullish on

Yara Ainsworth

Yara Ainsworth

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Source: Business Insider | Author: Vicky Ge Huang

The head of trading for a crypto brokerage firm shares 11 altcoins he’s bullish on — and 3 rules he abides by in the hyper-volatile and fast-moving market

  • Patrick Heusser, an ex-UBS trader, is the head of trading for Swiss firm Crypto Finance Brokerage.
  • In an interview, Heusser shared his personal thoughts about the 11 altcoins he is bullish on.
  • He also shared his views on the current crypto trading environment where he sticks to three rules.

Four years ago, Patrick Heusser was not even aware of the crypto ecosystem.

When a friend contacted him about an opportunity to trade bitcoin for a Swiss brokerage, Heusser, a veteran trader with over two decades of experience working for hedge funds and investment banks, did a double take.

“At first, I had to check with him, what do you trade, what’s that again,” Heusser told Insider in an interview. “And he just said listen, it’s the thing, just get on with it. Go on the internet, look for this stuff and then tell me if you want to do that.”


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