06 November 2020

Crypto Finance launches automated 24/7 stop orders

Yara Ainsworth

Yara Ainsworth

Head of Marketing and Communications at Crypto Finance AG

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The Crypto Finance Group announces new functions for trading in the crypto markets, including stop loss and stop limit orders for over 15 currency pairs. This enables risk management and new quant trading strategies for their institutional and banking clients. Crypto Finance is the first to offer brokerage services with this range of order types for crypto assets in automated 24/7 online trading. Early into the market with a professional crypto trading and liquidity platform, Crypto Finance is the leading digital asset enabler for the finance sector in Switzerland and abroad.

These new order types are available across 15 currency pairs: the top five crypto assets can be traded against Swiss francs, euros, and US dollars. Although available in retail crypto exchange environments, the Crypto Finance Group is the first worldwide to provide crypto brokerage services for these order types with this level of automation and sophistication.

Enabling a growing range of crypto trading strategies

Crypto Finance now makes a growing range of quant and algorithmic crypto trading strategies possible, when stop loss or stop limit orders are placed in combination with limit orders. Clients can manage volatility risk and margin levels via its Crypto Asset Trader (CAT), which eliminates the need to monitor the crypto asset markets continuously.
With leading institutional investors and banks as clients, Crypto Finance is also launching these new order types for REST and FIX APIs. These industry-standard interfaces and connectivity options allow clients to choose the connection that best suits their strategies and market activity.

Prepared for the next Bull Run

“Crypto Finance makes managing volatility in the crypto markets easy by introducing these new automated order types with its liquidity provision. This focus allows us to meet the needs of our banking and institutional clients,” comments Founder and Group CEO Jan Brzezek.

Investors in crypto assets are constantly seeking improvements for seamless automated services and functions. As the activity across the crypto markets intensifies this year, the new order types for brokerage services from Crypto Finance come at the right time for professional investors.

About the brokerage services from the Crypto Finance Group

The brokerage services from Crypto Finance Group let banks and institutional investors participate in the emerging digital asset class with secure, liquid, and transparent trading. Crypto Broker is a VQF member offering investors professional 24/7 access and liquidity provision for the crypto asset markets via CAT, its algorithmic Crypto Asset Trader, as well as through REST and FIX APIs.

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