15 December 2020

Mathias Maurer appointed to MAMA Advisory Board

Yara Ainsworth

Yara Ainsworth

Head of Marketing and Communications at Crypto Finance AG

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The Multichain Asset Managers Association (MAMA) announced that Mathias Maurer, CEO of Asset Management with the Crypto Finance Group, has joined the MAMA Advisory Board.

MAMA is a Swiss-based non-profit association enabling a global community of organisations to transform asset management through blockchain technology. The association works with regulators, carries out projects, organises events, and shares insights in order to bring about an appropriate regulatory and supervisory regime for on-chain asset management. Asset Management with the Crypto Finance Group, under Crypto Fund AG, is proud to be a founding member of MAMA in 2017.

“We are truly excited to welcome Mathias as an advisor to MAMA. With his fund expertise and his passion for crypto he adds a lot when it comes to raise awareness about the potential for blockchain technology in asset management. Our vision holds the key to transforming asset management — by replacing industry middlemen functions for compliant behaviour with smart contracts. Real-time auditing, investor reporting, portfolio transparency, and other benefits directly address regulators’ major concerns about financial market risks.” says MAMA president Mona El Isa.

Mathias Maurer adds: “I am very excited to join the Advisory Board of MAMA and help them advance their vision for the future of asset management with both regulatory clarity and benefits for this investment sector.”

Further advisors to MAMA are Fabian Schär, Professor for Distributed Ledger Technology & Fintech at the Center for Innovative Finance, University Basel and also Peter de Proft, a former senior executive of the European Fund and Asset Management Association in Brussels. MAMA currently has more than 50 members globally from both the traditional asset management industry and the new and emerging blockchain start-up world.

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