27 November 2019

Patrick Heusser talks about crypto markets on the Block Valley Podcast

Patrick Heusser

Patrick Heusser

Senior Trader at Crypto Broker AG

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Our Crypto Broker Senior Trader Patrick Heusser was the talking guest on the latest episode of the Block Valley Podcast, where he dived into the crypto trading universe and explained why institutional investors rely on professional OTC Brokers.

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Source: Block Valley Podcast

In this new episode of the show, we are joined by Patrick Heusser, Senior Cryptocurrency Trader at Zug-based Crypto Broker AG. We discuss some of the traits that characterise crypto markets and how these compare to more traditional markets like emerging markets currencies and commodities. Crypto markets are known as highly volatile markets and we dived deeper into the so-important volatility metric, assessing first how it has changed over time, the reasons behind the trend, and what it means for short-term traders today.Patrick give us a good picture of volume currently being traded on the spot market, derivatives market and over-the-counter (OTC). We delve into intricacies of the spot market, its efficiency, and how liquidity can at times evaporate from the order book.Finally, we discuss the main participants trading crypto OTC, and the differences between a crypto broker and a crypto exchange, when it comes to liquidity management, credit risk, and execution.

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