18 March 2020

Podcast: Knowledge Session – Bitcoin’s ‘Digital Gold’ Meme

Dr Lewin Boehnke

Dr Lewin Boehnke

CTO at Crypto Storage AG and Head of Research at Crypto Finance AG

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With Coronavirus kicking off a COVID-19 health, economic, and financial crisis, Crypto Finance’s Head of Research Dr. Lewin Boehnke and Crypto Broker’s Senior Trader Patrick Heusser discuss the differences between the current crisis and the 2008 financial crisis, the role that gold plays in these crises, and the role that bitcoin may play this time.

Our knowledge pooling sessions are obviously impacted by the fact that many of our employees are working from home currently. The event happened almost exclusively as an audio conference. While it lost interactivity because of this, we hope that the content is still interesting.

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