12 June 2020

Podcast: Knowledge Session – Bitcoin’s intrinsic value

Dr. Lewin Boehnke

Dr. Lewin Boehnke

CTO at Crypto Storage AG and Head of Research at Crypto Finance AG

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Our published podcast knowledge sessions usually refrain from discussing valuations. We sometimes hold such discussions internally, but they are typically not of interest after a few weeks and, as such, don’t lend themselves to the format of an educational podcast.

This discussion is an exception. The topic is the ‘intrinsic’ value of bitcoin. Despite existing definitions of ‘intrinsic’ in economics and philosophy, this value appears to be surprisingly ill-defined and prone to individual interpretation when it comes to bitcoin. The question comes up frequently, especially in discussions with a wider audience, and often with the goal of confirming out that bitcoin presumably has no such value.

In this session, Crypto Fund’s COO, Bernadette Leuzinger, moderates a lively discussion with several members of the Crypto Finance team, exploring the common ground for bitcoin, while looking at a few alternative examples of intrinsic value.

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