07 February 2020

Podcast: Knowledge Session – How CoinJoin brings privacy to bitcoin

Dr Lewin Boehnke

Dr Lewin Boehnke

CTO at Crypto Storage AG and Head of Research at Crypto Finance AG

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In this episode, Alessandro Chacón, Backend Engineer at Crypto Broker AG, takes up the recurring topic of privacy and gives an introduction to CoinJoin, its implementations and the related privacy aspects for bitcoin.

As the bitcoin blockchain is fully transparent and transaction records are publicly accessible to everyone, approaches to protecting transaction privacy are becoming increasingly important for anyone interested in financial privacy.

In general, CoinJoin can be viewed as a tool to enhance the privacy and fungibility of bitcoin. It involves a trustless approach, introduced by the bitcoin core developer Gregory Maxwell, to combine multiple bitcoin payments from multiple parties into a single transaction. This makes it more difficult for outside parties, such as blockchain analysis companies, to determine who paid whom.

For this internal knowledge session, our team experts – all with various backgrounds – discuss both the technical aspects of CoinJoin, and the concerns arising at the intersection of financial privacy, compliance, and regulation.

We hope you enjoy this lively episode.

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