06 September 2019

Podcast: Knowledge Session – Key Derivation

Dr Lewin Boehnke

Dr Lewin Boehnke

CTO at Crypto Storage AG and Head of Research at Crypto Finance AG

About the author

Handling cryptocurrency addresses seems seamless when using standard tooling like electrum wallet or mobile wallets. You want to pay somebody? Scan their QR code. You want somebody to pay you? Your app will provide you with one that they can scan. New ones every time.

You usually don’t need to know what is happening under the hood, until of course you deviate from the typical usage patterns by introducing repeating transfers between fixed counterparties, corporate structures, or you just have the urge to get a better grasp of the details.

In this session, recorded this May, our Head of Research, Dr. Lewin Boehnke, gives us a look under the hood and guides us through key derivation and its usual and not so usual uses.

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