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Crypto Storage AG offers a proprietary solution to store private keys of qualified and institutional investors. The storage is secure both physically and digitally on the highest grade hardware security modules with detailed configuration possibilities for individual and role-based access control. This enables flexible multi-signature schemes in addition to native blockchain-specific features. Crypto Storage AG helps institutional financial intermediaries across the globe with the most secure storage solution for crypto and blockchain-based assets to date. From the onset, it can store more than 80% of the total market capitalisation.


Multitude of crypto assets

Crypto Storage AG supports a wide range of crypto assets - Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and ERC 20 token.

Swiss Engineering

The Hardware Security Module (HSM), the tamper-proof signing devices, and the tailored software solution are all developed by leading Swiss providers with vast experience in finance and IT-security.

Access Management

Access rules to your crypto assets are coordinated on a high level, penetrate the hardware all the way down to the innermost security layer independent of the underlying blockchain.


Flexible Rule-Engine

M of N multiple signers, a quorum of signers from several different groups, time delays that allow for a veto-period, are all supported natively.

Secure Approval Terminals

The devices themselves already adhere to a much higher security standard than the signing devices customary for crypto assets.


Crypto Storage AG do not have any access to your crypto assets, even if we wanted to.


Crypto Storage AG will allow for highly configurable access to your crypto assets with institutional-grade access control rules. The private keys never leave the hardware security module (HSM) and the HSM's right to sign a transaction is determined through approval from a configurable quorum within your institution and executed on tamper-proof approval clients. The solution is highly adjustable to your internal processes and roles, while maintaining high security behind several layers of hardware protection.