29 June 2021

The future of digital assets has never looked brighter

Jan Brzezek

Jan Brzezek

CEO, Founder & Board Member at Crypto Finance (Asset Management) AG

About the author

In 2017, we founded Crypto Finance with the idea that institutional and professional clients can enter the digital asset market easily and effortless. Since that day, each and every one of our colleagues has worked relentlessly to build services and technology that makes it easy for them to invest, trade and store digital currency in a safe manner. We offer services that are easily accessible yet regulated and secure. Our service offering opens doors to participate in the new asset class that have been closed previously.

From connecting the first banks to our trading platform, launching our exciting funds, and offering secure storage with state-of-the-art infrastructure to become the thought leader in our space, we are very proud of what we have achieved. Today, we are an enabler for digital assets for all institutional and professional clients. The collective hard work of everyone at Crypto Finance is about to change the shape of the financial industry forever.

It is clear that we have built something truly incredible at Crypto Finance, which has had a tremendous impact on our clients and on society at large. But it is also clear that we have only scratched the surface and that we are just getting started.

This is why we are thrilled to share the news that Crypto Finance is joining Deutsche Börse Group.

Teaming up with Deutsche Börse Group means that we will be able to move faster and reach further now than ever before, and we know that Deutsche Börse Group is the perfect partner for the next stage of our journey

We couldn’t be more excited for what this next phase means, for all of our colleagues, our clients, and for the future of our industry. This partnership reflects the contribution that every person at Crypto Finance has made over the past years, and the trust our clients have placed in us. Partnering with Deutsche Börse Group will allow us to further grow our organisation, products, and services, to better serve our existing and future clients, while continuing to operate as an independent brand and build on the incredible strengths of Crypto Finance.

Our warmest, most heartfelt thank you goes to all the team members who have worked so hard to get us to where we are today, as well as to our investors, clients, and other supporters, for believing in us over the years. We are excited about this next chapter for Crypto Finance. Let’s go out and power the new world of digital assets!

Jan Brzezek
CEO and Founder, Crypto Finance Group



  • Deutsche Börse Group makes a majority investment in Crypto Finance
  • The partnership allows both parties to broaden its existing customer base and to grow the product and service offering in the digital asset space
  • The investment unlocks mutual potential to better serve existing and future customers
  • Deutsche Börse Group and Crypto Finance share a common mission to connect the financial world and accelerate the growth and adoption of digital assets for institutional investors
  • Crypto Finance will continue to operate independently under the Deutsche Börse Group
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