28 Mai 2021

Finance Magnates: Chinas Bitcoin-Verbot und die Korrektur von Kryptowährungen sind gut für den Markt

Yara Ainsworth

Yara Ainsworth

Head of Marketing und Communications bei Crypto Finance AG

Über den Autor

Marc P. Bernegger, Verwaltungsratmitglied bei der Crypto Finance AG, spricht im Interview mit Finance Magnates über die langfristigen Vorteile von Crypto Miners, die wegen der neuen Gesetze China verlassen und in kryptofreundlichere Gebiete ziehen.

Quelle: Finance Magnates | Autor: Bilal Jafar

Analysts believe that China’s crypto ban is nothing new, and the latest correction was mainly triggered by new investors.

Bitcoin, the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency, experienced a volatile month as the price of BTC dropped from approximately $60,000 on 10 May to as low as $31,000 on 24 May. There were several reasons behind the latest market correction. Cryptocurrency analysts believe that new investors in the market panicked from the latest announcement from China about a ban on crypto payments and a potential crackdown on the mining of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Opportunities for Bitcoin Miners

Marc P. Bernegger, Founding Board Member of Crypto Finance AG, highlighted different opportunities for Chinese crypto miners after the latest restrictions. “I personally see a lot of long-term advantages if crypto miners are moving out of China into more crypto-friendly jurisdictions. This could also challenge the argument of the energy-waste of Bitcoin and turn more existing miners into renewable energy-based mining facilities. In general, several bad crypto-related news from China are mostly exaggerated and every few months there are similar announcements. There are already some operations from Chinese crypto miners here in Switzerland and it’s not a big secret that the recent announcements from the government will further push Chinese miners to Switzerland and other more crypto-friendly countries,” he said.

“Being invested in Bitcoin since 2012 myself makes me feel quite confident that after the actual price correction we will see new all-time highs going forward,” Bernegger added.


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