18 Juni 2019

Podcast: Introducing the Education Sessions – the Cube of Permissioned Blockchains

Dr. Lewin Boehnke

Dr. Lewin Boehnke

CTO bei Crypto Storage AG und Head of Research bei Crypto Finance AG

Über den Autor

We like what we do. And we bring together experts from very different fields to work on topics related to crypto asset. We cover legal aspects, economic aspects, insights from experienced traders, and deep dives into the technology, and the discussion around the topics is valued very highly. It came about when our team came together over lunch, when we found the spontaneous interdisciplinary discussions that came up often brought additional insights that make this topic fun.

Over a year ago we started to institutionalise these discussions, first one per week, and later – when it became obvious that there are way too many topics for that – twice per week. Topics range across all aspects of our work, and everybody in the team is welcome to add his own topics. Sessions typically run for about 30 minutes, although some are much longer. Roughly half of the sessions come from the research team and are more foundational in content, the other half are contributions from the team and often deal with the ongoing work or topics that arose from it. Sessions are interactive, and the interdisciplinary team naturally leads to interdisciplinary discussions of the topics at hand.

While most sessions have a reason to be brought up at that point in time, they are almost never „news“ stories. Most of the content is timeless (with the exception of the contributions from the traders, where the current market situation is reflected in the discussion). We started recording the sessions quite some time ago and currently have more than 60 recorded sessions. We felt this resource is too much of a treasure trove to leave it lying around to be discovered only by newcomers to the team.

As a result, we plan to publish some of these recorded sessions. For the time being, this cannot be considered a promise of regular future episodes, but rather a test balloon to gauge the interest in these sessions. We would be happy to hear your impressions and feedback! You can contact us here.

You will find an overview of the Crypto Finance podcasts in Soundcloud here.

This first published session was recorded a few months ago. In it, I took up the debate about „private“, „public“ and „permissioned“ chains. While this is mostly discussed as an ideological question, I rather bring the focus to the qualitative technological differences and the different consequences of security and applicability trade-offs. As such, talking about private and public, or that even talking about a scale that runs from private to public does not meet the complexity of the ecosystem. When designing a blockchain, there are at least three decisions on this private-public range that can be engineered mostly independently of each other: who can bring the consensus forward, who can transact on the chain, and who can validate it. We discuss useful points on this cube of options, where the relevant existing chains fall, and the ideal choices for the most important use-cases.