Crypto Broker AG

"We are the high-quality gateway to digital assets"
Simon Tobler, Head of Trading

The current market for crypto assets is still young and volatile. The market capitalization currently reaches a mere 230 billion USD, however, significant growth is to be expected over the next few years.

In the growing field of crypto assets, investors and regulators alike are seeking attractive opportunities similar to what exists in the traditional financial environment.

Thus, providing clients with brokerage solutions capable of transacting in crypto assets is a pressing issue, since there is a vacuum in the market for a financial institution capable of operating in the capacity.


Crypto Broker AG was founded by an entrepreneurial group of specialists in the areas of financial services, trading and cryptography with extensive experience in venture development and crypto asset trading.

Crypto Broker AG will execute orders through algorithmic trading in order to minimize market impact, distributing orders automatically based on the liquidity of the world's top crypto asset exchanges. It operates as member of VQF - an SRO under civil law - to ensure compliance with KYC and AML requirements. Trading access is available exclusively for qualified investors according to Swiss law. Crypto Broker AG is delivering instant execution of trades, unmatched reliability and full transparency.

  • Established bank & exchange network
  • Providing liquidity via principal of fully transparent agency execution
  • Best execution services via smart algorithmic execution
  • Automated cross-asset, front-to-back solution
  • Optimized time-to-market
  • Assets securely stored or sent directly to your personal wallet
our functionalities

Order placement via Telephone, E-mail and Bloomberg

Crypto Broker AG employs sophisticated Order Management Systems and Execution Algorithms

Best execution: full transparency regarding where and at what price crypto assets were traded

Generation of tailor-made reports depending on client needs

Your Benefits

Access to a vast liquidity pool and a maximum degree of transparency.


Crypto Broker AG is cooperating exclusively with well-known exchanges and is a member of VQF, a self-regulatory organisation under Swiss law, to ensure compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (and Anti Money Laundering) requirements.


We offer access to liquidity via principal market making and via best execution services according to MiFID II standards.


Using Crypto Broker AG as an aggregator simplifies the process of investing in crypto assets, as it reduces the workload of the client’s back office.

professionalism & trust

Our team has over 60 years of combined banking experience and is familiar with your expectations as a qualified investor.