Crypto Fund AG

"We are building a bridge between the traditional and the new economies"
Jan Brzezek, Co-Founder and CEO

The market capitalization of all crypto assets increased in 2017, but the relative importance of bitcoin has waned in favor of altcoins and alternative crypto assets. This recent development offers investors the potential to diversify within the crypto space. In fact, this diversification has helped crypto assets become an asset class in their own right.

As the value and acceptance of crypto assets has gone up, both wallet users and investors have begun to recognise the impact that this limited issuance is having. It has a low or even negative correlation to other asset classes, and it is entirely insulated from the effects of a country’s monetary policy.

To date, it has been a cumbersome and expensive process to diversify one’s crypto portfolio. Crypto Fund AG is changing this.



Easy access to the new crypto asset class and no performance fee

Passive investment vehicle and tracking of a customised index calculated by SIX Swiss Exchange

By storing the crypto assets at a bank in Switzerland, we ensure the highest standards of cryptographic, IT, and physical security

Optimised risk/return profile thanks to diversification opportunity of the largest crypto assets by market cap

Valor / ISIN: execution from your own personal account

Weekly liquidity and high transparency derived from rule-based investing