30 Oktober 2019

Swiss Blockchain Security Event 2019

Crypto Finance Team

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Stablecoins are a fast growing sector of the cryptocurrency market, worth $186 billion. The amount of stablecoins has rapidly grown throughout the past two years: 200+ projects have been announced since 2017 and 66 public and active stablecoins are currently in circulation. Debates about Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) are now gathering great attention worldwide. Facebook announced Libra, saying it will be a “stablecoin” backed by a “basket of financial assets“.

With the growing interest in the topic, leading experts in the areas of stablecoins, digital money, and blockchain security have come together at the Swiss Blockchain Security Event in order to foster learning and provoke meaningful conversations.

– Watch Lewin Boehnke discussing differences in blockchain infrastructure for stablecoins

– Watch the full panel discussion on stablecoins in the video below –

– Watch the summary from the event in the video below –

– Watch the keynote about stable coins from Kalin Nicolov, Head of Digital Currencies Initiatives at SICPA