14 Juli 2020

TA Tuesday: Action in altcoins, bitcoin remains quiet

Simon Tobler

Simon Tobler

Head of Trading bei Crypto Broker AG

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Another dull week in BTC, but we did see some action in various altcoins.

BTC$ (daily):

Things are getting closer and closer in the daily BTC chart. With implied and realised vol at a multi-month low, this market is ready for a really big move. On the topside, we have the long-term trendline coming from the 2017 ATH and the June 2019 interim high, currently at around $9,800, as well as the very important horizontal resistance at $10,500.
There is support from the upper band of the Ichimoku Cloud, currently at $9,100, and the support zone between $8,600-$8,800. Given the energy that is building up in that market, even a test of the lower leadline at $7,200 is on the table.

Drilling down into the BTC$ 4h chart doesn’t give us much more information:

However, two things stand out: since the beginning of June, there has been a series of lower highs and a handful of wicks, showing that all drops towards the support zone are massively bought.

ETH$ (daily):

Compared to last week, the picture has not changed for ETH$. It is hovering just below the downward-sloping trendline and the horizontal resistance at $250, which is still in place. Support comes in at the upper band of the Ichimoku Cloud at $225 and then, of course, there is the major support at $215.

While BTC and major altcoins haven’t moved much over the past few weeks, the music has been playing for various small and mid-cap coins, which is mainly being driven by the DeFi hype. Let’s have a quick look at the three altcoin indices versus BTC.

ALTBTC (daily):

Major altcoins had a very good run at the start of the year but lost all gains by mid-May. Since then, not much has been happening, and price is only smallish above the important support zone around the 55 level.

MIDBTC (daily):

Until mid-May, the Mid-Cap Index was showing the same picture as the Alt Index. But then, the DeFi story picked up massively, which caused the Mid-Index to outperform BTC by more than 50% within two months. It’s too early to say, but with yesterday’s new intraday high and the negative closing, a top might have been set.

SHITBTC (daily):

The Shit Index is even more impressive. It already outperformed the Alt and Mid Indices into May and managed to reach new highs in the two-month rally, outperforming BTC by a whopping 57%. Similar to the Mid Index, a mid-term top might be in the cards and a consolidation down to the 93-100 area is to be expected.