11 Februar 2020

Die Swiss FinTech Startup Map im Februar 2020

Yara Ainsworth

Yara Ainsworth

Head of Marketing und Communications bei Crypto Finance AG

Über den Autor

Stay updated on the Swiss fintech startup scene: the Swiss FinTech Map includes 364 fintech startups based in Switzerland that were established less than ten years ago and that focus on business model innovations and new technologies in the financial sector, and it is updated monthly. The two largest sectors are Investment Management, with over 130 startups, and Banking Insfrastructure, with over 100 startups, including Crypto Finance AG. We are pleased to support the Institute of Financial Services Zug IFZ with the Lucerne School of Business, in this collaboration together with Swisscom and their e.foresight Think Tank, and the Fintech Database.

This dynamic digital map allows you to filter and explore startups relevant to your search and get more information by clicking on a company. A static version of this map is also visible below for download. Do you know a company that has not been included? You can submit a startup for the next update to this map.

Crypto Finance AG is included in the banking infrastructure category of the dynamic digital Swiss FinTech Map, as displayed below:

The Swiss FinTech Map – Static Version (click on the picture to enlarge this static map)