02 Juli 2021

Venturelab: Q&A mit Gründer und CEO Jan Brzezek

Yara Ainsworth

Yara Ainsworth

Head of Marketing und Communications bei Crypto Finance AG

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Quelle: Venturelab | Autor: Guillaume Tinsel

Lesen Sie in diesem Artikel vom Schweizer Magazin Venturelab ein Interview mit Crypto Finance Gründer und CEO Jan Brzezek anlässlich der Merheitsübernahme durch die Deutsche Börse.

Deutsche Boerse makes a majority investment in Swiss fintech startup Crypto Finance

German stock exchange operator Deutsche Boerse announced buying a two-thirds stake in Swiss fintech Crypto Finance to expand its offering for digital assets. The partnership allows both parties to broaden their existing customer base and to grow the product and service offering in the digital asset space. We interviewed Crypto Finance CEO and Founder Jan Brzezek to learn more about the use of these funds, his entrepreneurial path, and the origin of Crypto Finance.


Jan, how will the investment from Deutsche Boerse help achieve your vision?
It is clear that we have built something truly incredible at the Crypto Finance Group, which has had a tremendous impact on our clients and on society at large. But it is also clear that we have only scratched the surface. This commitment from Deutsche Börse will help us build a trusted and fully regulated digital asset ecosystem for institutional investors – this is a big goal, and we see the demand growing to fill it across our network of clients.

You also participated in Venture Leaders Fintech in 2019  and were selected on the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award from 2018 to 2020. How did it leverage your fundraising strategy? 
The support and exposure from Venture Leaders Fintech and the ongoing recognition as a TOP 100 Swiss Startup with the awards have helped us to be visible beyond our own client networks. This has opened doors, together with developments in our service offering and regulatory position, both with investors and clients. This is apparent when you look at how our Board Members have evolved, and how our business has grown into Europe and across Asia.

When, and what, was your inspiration to found Crypto Finance?
JB: In 2017, I founded Crypto Finance with the idea that institutional and professional clients should be able to enter the digital asset market easily and effortlessly. This was not going to be initiated from within the traditional finance sector, and the freedom of taking this idea into a start-up for crypto-asset services, with the support of a vibrant blockchain and fintech ecosystem in Switzerland, inspired us. We are building services and technology relentlessly that make it easy to invest, trade, and store digital assets in a safe, reliable manner. The market moves in recent months and the increased regulatory attention is making this even more apparent for both retail and institutional market participants.

What is your advice for the potential fintech entrepreneurs launching companies in Switzerland today? 
JB: It takes conviction about an idea, as well as hard work, to create and build towards your goals. And at this phase, it also takes endurance and the curiosity to understand that even a major milestone points to new potential and more work ahead that can be very inspiring.

You can see this in our journey so far: from connecting the first banks to our trading platform and launching our exciting funds, we have built a secure storage infrastructure and state-of-the-art tokenization. Today we are becoming thought leaders in our space, and we are very proud of what we have achieved. Our hard work and ability to build strong partnerships with investors has made us an enabler for digital assets for all institutional and professional clients, and it is changing the shape of the financial industry forever.

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